Article 1


The 5TH Naples Human Rights Film Festival will be held from 5 to 17 November 2012 in different places of the city of Naples, accordingly with choices of the associations that are essential part of the festival.

The Festival is promoted by Association “Cinema e Diritti” with all actors that support the festival: Arci Movie, Associazione BLab, Federazione Territoriale “Città del Monte”, Associazione “Le Tribù”, Artéteca, Associazione Acteal, Associazione “Dream Team – Donne in  rete”, Centro Alberto Hurtado, Cultural Video Foundation, L.E.S.S. onlus, Ente Nazionale per la protezione e assistenza ai sordi, Informatici senza Frontiere Napoli, Associazione “ASPER – Eritrea”, Lux in fabula – Ludopolis, LTM ong, Associazione Haima, Donne in nero Napoli, Radio Siani, Forum Antirazzista, Circolo La Comune, Cooperativa “Seme di pace”, Rete del Caffè Sospeso, Caffè Letterario IntraMoenia, Cooperativa Libera Terra “Le terre di Don Peppe Diana”, Libera Caserta, Associazione “Acropolis”, Associazione “Dabar Film”, Cineforum Orientale Duepuntozero, Comune di Napoli, Università “Suor Orsola Benincasa” di Napoli, Università “Federico II” di Napoli e Università “L’Orientale” di Napoli.

Article 2

Objectives and sections of the competition

This call is open to authors of audiovisual works (documentaries and short films) which describe aspects of current reality, with a look to the socio / cultural / economic / environmental globalization and to the crisis of traditional development models, as well as to all possible solutions, best practices and forms of resistance to degradation experienced every day by urban communities, associations and group of citizens.

Starting from a declination of modern and contemporary human rights and individual freedom, even when faced with obstacles and limits to their respect and their success, The Naples Human Rights Film Festival wants to give voice and prominence to works that take inspiration from the following topics:

the denial of rights, the degeneration of political systems, the oppression of peoples, the struggle for freedom and civil rights movements of contestation of global social, cultural and economic located throughout the world, the movements of protest arisen in Europe over the last year in conjunction with the crisis of some European Union countries, the revolutions and changes taking place in the Arab world, the Middle East situation, the question of the African continent with its internal conflicts and neocolonial exploitation, the problematic nature of the development models of emerging powers, encounter and dialogue with migrants with a view to building a new, plural identity, environment, protection and exploitation of common resources for discovery of new forms of community, the debate about energy policies, the change of the family, the condition of children, women, disabled, elderly people, homophobia and religious and ideological intolerance, the status of prisoners and OPG, allegations of abuse, violence and torture, the right to work in all its complex articulations, the right to information, freedom of expression and thought, the preservation and enhancement of memory, the interference of crime in everyday life, youth issues related with all changes underway around the world

The documentary competition of the 5th Human Rights Naples Film Festival is divided into two sections:

A) HUMAN RIGHTS DOC open to documentaries (minimum duration of 25 minutes) focused on research, analysis, understanding of social phenomena and situations related to human rights issues in all their possible variations all over the world.

B) HUMAN RIGHTS SHORT open to short films ( less than 25 minutes) without any distinction between fiction and documentary, able to deal with the peculiar form and language, topics and issues related to the sphere of human rights, as an individual as well as part of a community, according to the thematic lines indicated above.

The competition will select audiovisual works with the aim of:

• enhancing and promoting artistic works with a large social value and ethics;

• pulsing the circuitry and the production of Italian and local documentaries able to propose a clear and careful evolution of social phenomena and the state of rights in the third millennium, highlighting the commitment to these issues through the ‘use of language and innovative filmmaking styles and personal;

• promoting information and stimulating debate about universal rights;

• strengthening the partnership with the DerHumALC Festival of Buenos Aires and compose a selection of works called “Ventana sobre Napoles’ – 2013 edition – to be presented at the Argentinean festival;

• spreading films in competition over the Human Rights Network International Film Festival Network, which includes major international Human Rights Film Festivals, and the Network of “Caffè Sospeso” Festival, with the aim of promoting exchange, communication and debate on human rights and their protection through the dissemination of audiovisual works.

Article 3


Registration for the call is free, all shipping costs will be on charge of sender / participants. For the presentation you must explicitly agree to this Regulation, download the registration form at https://www.cinenapolidiritti.it/web/ , fill it in Word format and send it by mail to info@cinenapolidiritti.it , and, finally, hand deliver or send a package with:

a) two copies of the DVD format with subtitles in Italian or Italian;

b) a CD-Rom which contains:

– Trailer work (optional and no longer than 2 min), complete data sheet, synopsis, director’s notes with relevant documentation and information;

– The curriculum and filmography of the author / author;

– A photo of the author and two of the work, in jpg or png high resolution;

c) a written declaration of acceptance of the rules of the competition notice signed by the author;

d) a written declaration signed by the author stating that all the formalities relating to intellectual property and to the use of the work have been completed;

e) references for postal, telephone and e-mail contacts with the author.

The envelope should be sent to the following address:


Via A. C. De Meis n. 221 – CAP 80147 NAPLES, ITALY

on the delivery envelope must be written:



(For info e-mail: info@cinenapolidiritti.it – cell. +39 327.3652514 / +39 329.4393933)

Article 4

Terms, conditions of competition and selection phase

Works properly delivered and / or delivered (as confirmed by the postmark) NO LATER THAN September 30TH, 2012, produced after January 1ST, 2011, dealing with problems related to the topics listed in Box Article. 2 “Objectives and sections of the competition”, will be admitted to the two sections of the competition.

Works will be viewed and selected by a committee composed of experts nominated by the associations and organizations involved in the implementation of the Festival. The works selected for the 5 th Naples Human Rights Film Festival will be put in agenda and projected, with proper advertising and promotion, subject to prior notification to the authors.

Every author / writer may send more work, but may participate only with one work selected.

They cannot participate in works produced or sponsored by commercial enterprises that appear to be for content, advertising vehicles of the same.

The selection results will be published on https://www.cinenapolidiritti.it/web/ within October 2012. If no work has exceeded the minimum requirements for admission, the organization reserves the right to remove program ​​or section/s regarding the competition from the festival

Article 5

Results of the contest and prizes

Works candidate in the official selection of the fifth edition of the 5th Naples Human Rights Film Festival, will be finally judged by a jury composed of 5 members chosen from among filmmakers, journalists, film experts and personalities from the world of culture. The selection of jury members will be made public through various communication channels (press, Internet media, radio …).

The jury will give an award to each movie of two sections that will be considered winning.

In addition, the Internal Committee of selection will award a special mention dedicated to the memory of Vittorio Arrigoni and Juliano Mer Khamis, the work that, with courage, passion and independence, will bring to light situations and marginal stories able to outline unusual spaces for a modern struggle, civic engagement, also using experimental forms of communication and language.

Finally it will be formed, in collaboration with several University of Naples, a jury of young university students (YOUNG JURY) composed of at least 40 members with the task of assigning a Young Mention to one work among those competing in two sections official .

To the winners of the two official sections “Human Rights Doc” and “Human Rights Short,” the association “Cinema and Rights” will offer a contribution of 750 euros to be enjoyed in the form of plane tickets, to allow participation in the Buenos Aires 2013 Human Rights Film Festival. The prize is not redeemable for cash and will be paid on presentation of invoice for payed tickets. Prizes are not cumulative for the same author. If the authors were more than one, the prize will be deemed to be attributed to work and therefore not replicable for each author.

The winning entries will be submitted to the selection of the 2013 Buenos Aires Human Rights Film Festival, organized by the Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC, who will evaluate independently whether to accept such works in official competition.

Anyway, the two winner movies will be inserted, as every year, in an official space out of competition in Buenos Aires Festival called “VENTANA SOBRE NAPOLES”, in which winners movies will be presented to the Argentinean people with other works treating themes and arguments of the Buenos Aires Festival.

It is in the responsibility of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival organization in contacting the winner authors for the formalities necessary to sign up for the Festival of Buenos Aires DerHumALC and for sending the Italian dialogue list to be translated in Spanish.

Article 6


The authors and producers implicitly authorize, upon registration, use and dissemination of max 90 seconds of their work for the promotion of the Festival.

Copies DVD sent for selection will not be returned and will remain available to the video library of “Cinema e Diritti” and to use for educational and promotional (still permitted by law and subject to the opinion of the authors / producers / distributors).

By subscribing to the Naples Human Rights Film Festival each individual author, manufacturer or distributor liable for the content of the submissions, claiming to have fulfilled all copyrights to third parties and grant explicit permission to use them.

The subscriber is responsible for the accuracy of the data that, if selected, will be used for promotional and communication of the Festival (catalog, website, press releases, etc..)

This Regulation is part of the application form is signed and together with it.

In case of dispute any problem will be be referred to the Court of Naples.

The personal data will be processed as provided by Italian law 31/12/1996 n ° 675 about privacy and subsequent amendments thereto.