We are pleased to announce you that this year the HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL OF NAPLES
will celebrate its 2014 edition with a special issue dedicated to the Mediterranean, produced by the FORUM OF CULTURES OF NAPLES.
Actually, the 2014 SPECIAL MEDITERRANEAN EDITION was awarded by the Forum Foundation
within “Cinema” and “Intercultural Dialogue” categories. It will take place during 6 days, from the 20th to the 25th October. Each day of the festival will be dedicated to a different region of the Mediterranean Basin and the social and the political issues concerning this area will be introduced by specific documentaries and through the assistance of witnesses, authors and experts. The participation of filmmakers and media activists from several Mediterranean Countries is expected, and screenings and discussions will focus on the living conditions of the young democracies bordering the Mare Nostrum but they will also concern the state of the struggle for the protection of fundamental freedoms in this critical area of the planet.

The City of Naples will host and will provide listening to the delegations coming from 18 countries. The Festival will involve schools, universities and neighborhood associations in the
events; the Festival will be accompanied by a film competition “MEDITERRANEAN RIGHTS AND FIGHTS” opened to short and long films concerning social engagement and connected to the circuits of qualified networks, among the others HUMAN RIGHTS FILM NETWORK and the RETE DEL CAFFÈ SOSPESO.
The Festival will gather together different Neapolitan associations dealing with Human Rights in order to welcome guests and promote debates with activists talking about their realities; the last day, dedicated to the Italian fighting movements, will end with the presentation of the “MEDITERRANEAN FORUM OF HUMAN RIGHTS”, a year-based meeting that will be celebrated from 2015 in Naples, through the support of a network of institutions and local and national associations, in order to follow the democratization process among Mediterranean communities.
In this sense the 2014 SPECIAL MEDITERRANEAN EDITION confirms the vocation of Naples as a Capital of Human Rights.
Associations and citizens are invited to take part during the days of the Festival, that will take place all over the day at the Mostra d’Oltremare and in some universities.
The signing of the Memorandum for the establishment of the “MEDITERRANEAN FORUM OF RIGHTS” will take place in the final evening that will take place on Saturday, October 25th at the Teatro Mediterraneo, in the presence of local and international institutions.
The association “Cinema and Rights” and the network of associations that supports the Human Rights Film Festival in Naples are pleased to invite you to take part at the 2014 SPECIAL

For further information on the agenda see www.cinenapolidiritti.it

To join the competition see https://www.cinenapolidiritti.it/web/in-primo-piano/parte-mediterranean-fights-and-rights/