Ciak Migraction

Dem Rek: let’s go by Davide Demichelis
Italy, 32′
Alì returns home, seven years after having lived the most shocking experience of his life: the crossing of the desert and the Mediterranean. An experience that will mark him forever. He is 21 years old, Ali. He was born in Serekunda, Gambia, and left with his mother and older brother when he was 15. He crossed the desert with them. Then the mother let the two boys go on, she had no money. In Italy, however, he arrived alone. The boat he was traveling in sank and his brother drowned, along with 500 other people. Alì now lives in Matera. In Italy he learned to communicate with the language of the theater, and thanks to the theater he wants to tell his story to his people, to make them understand how those journeys of hope often lead to despair

Omar and us by Maryna Er Gorbach and Mehemet Bahadir Er
Turkey, 1h43′
Ismet is a Turkish soldier who was serving at the border as a coast guard commander and recently retired. Now as a civilian, he struggles to communicate with his family and the people around him. His only son left him and left for the United States and now his wife wants to join his son too. After suddenly becoming a neighbor of two Syrian refugees (Omar and Mariye) in his home near the Turkish-Greek border and the human experience he has to live, he now has to face his prejudices and his political vision.

Twenty years now by Sandro Bozzolo
Italy, 48′
The best Italian wines are produced thanks to the work of Macedonian workers. The production of cheeses is based on the presence of workers with turbans. Chestnut trees find new keepers from Africa. Milk, wine, cheese, fruit and chestnuts: Piedmont provides some of the main excellences of Italian agri-food production, but its agricultural vocation is renewed in the sign of globalization, and becomes emblematic of what happened throughout the Western world.