Human Rights Youth

FOOTSTEPS ON THE WIND by Maya Sanbar, Gustavo Leal e Faga Melo
United Kingdom, 7′
Little Noor and her brother Josef see their lives torn apart when an unexpected event befalls their home forcing them on a journey across seas and mysterious lands.

Arab Emirates, 49′
The war tragically pushed Asmaa out of her home country of Syria, where her fate was written as a wife and mother at just 16 years of age. Asmaa rebuilt her adult identity as a neighborhood storyteller and began using reading aloud to children for fun as a bridge to addressing critical issues in her new community at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Six years later, as Asmaa’s eldest daughter reaches adolescence, a flashback to her uneducated past emerges and inspires her to embark on a new reading-aloud project to enable teenage girls to build a future of opportunity that she ever had. The Neighborhood Storyteller is a documentary film that explores human resilience, the transition from child to adult, and one’s ability to turn hardship into an opportunity for personal growth.

THE SPRAYER by Farnoosh Abedi
Iran, 9′
In the land occupied by the army of sprayers, no one has the right to grow plants of any kind. Many people and soldiers don’t even know how a plant grows and what it looks like, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried in the dust. His curiosity is just the beginning of something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary.