Human Rights Short

2.a class by Jimmy Olsson
Sweden, 14′
Charlotte has a new job as an elementary teacher. One night she is attacked by a Nazi and is seriously injured. He will discover that one of his students is the son of that Nazi.

Amnestia by Susanna Lira
Brazil, 16′
Amnestia elaborates a delicate reassembly of the requests for forgiveness sent by the “Amnesty Caravans” to all those whose lives have been affected by the Brazilian military dictatorship. The work is made up entirely of archival material and is narrated by Paulo Abraão, former national secretary of justice.

Arqueología de la dignidad trabajadora by Uli Stelzner
Germany, 30′

In the neoliberal era, trade unions and workers’ rights are increasingly a topic for archaeologists. The film is the portrait of an old trade unionist in Guatemala, who delves into the shameful working conditions and the devastating consequences of the pandemic.

My God be with you by Gianluca Mangiasciutti
Italy, 15′
Three lives, whose destinies are inevitably intertwined. Their young stories run on parallel tracks until the moment they meet at the scene of a terrorist attack.

Gaza, un ballon, une jambe by Forget Patrice
France, 30′
In 2019 in Martigues, France, the French national amputee football team played against their counterpart from the Gaza Strip. A documentary on the brutality of Gazans. With respect and empathy, the film focuses on the courage of these young men despite their handicap and their disastrous living conditions in the Gaza Strip.

The rage by Aurélien Mathieu and Samir Mokeddem
France, 10′
Akmal struggles with his guilt and memories of his life with Sarah, who he brutally lost after a police check went wrong.

Le voyage de Yashar by Sébastien de Monbrison
France, 30′
Yashar, a migrant from Iran, tries to leave Italy and reach Paris by bus. He desperately searches for his childhood friend, whom he hasn’t heard from since he boarded a boat with other migrants. On the border between these countries with unknown people speaking foreign languages, lost in the mountains, Yashar is pushed to the limit. It has to confront its own identity at the price of its own integrity and freedom.

Love can’t be locked down by Naman Gupta
USA, 8′
On the 10th anniversary of the pandemic, Who thinks back to the loveless, lonely isolation of an Asian single in New York City, sharing the experience with listeners of her “Who with Love” podcast. From the daily routine of cleaning rituals and self-isolation at home, to the anguish of being judged on the streets by strangers wearing masks, who is inspired to reveal her feelings, hidden under her mask. Putting her idea to the test in Times Square, Chi at first fails to convince others to see the real her. But then, when all seems lost, he meets another lonely heart and creates an instant connection with his infectious “smile”. Love at first sight – despite the virus, the paranoia, the block, despite everything.

MALI, au coeur de l’échec by Samassekou Ousmane
Mali, 24′
Following the occupation of northern Mali by armed groups in 2012, various foreign forces tried to put an end to the violence: a peace agreement was signed, but reconciliation on the ground did not happen, tensions between communities have get worse, and today the center of the country is burning. Sory, a young Malian journalist, leaves to visit his fishing uncle in Kouakourou, a Bozo village on the banks of the Niger River near Mopti. Mali, in the heart of failure is a journey into the heart of a country adrift, in search of people, words and writings that can reconcile.

¿Por qué los matas? by Ludovic Bonleux
Mexico, 12′
50 years later, a former soldier returns to Tlatelolco, where he participated in the massacre of dozens of students.

Sfumato by Amirali Mirderikvand
Iran, 30′
The story of a rural family with two teenage children, whose eldest son helps them a lot in life, but continues to face difficulties and obstacles …..

The city of honey by Moein Ruholamini
Iran, 7′
Children dream and reality attacks them.

The pains of the sea by Mohammadreza Masoudi
Iran, 8′
Syrian and Iraqi immigrants try to cross the sea to reach Turkey. A mother has to choose between her life and that of her daughter.

The stamp by Lovro Mrdjen
Croatia, 19′
Tamim, an immigrant and older brother, gets stuck in Europe’s cold bureaucratic reception system. He will have to choose whether to stay irregular in Europe with his sister, or to leave her in a safe place that he might somehow call home.

Tonino by Gaetano Del Mauro
Italy, 15′
“Tonino” is a short film dedicated to the memory of Antonio Esposito Ferraioli, chef and CGIL trade unionist killed by the Camorra on 30 August 1978 in Pagani, in the province of Salerno. Two shots of shotgun mortally wounded him in the house of his future wife. He was only 27 years old. His fault as a trade unionist was refusing to cook rotten meat for the canteen of Fatme, a large industrial plant in Pagani. In the factory he also fought to improve the working conditions of his fellow workers. The Camorra has not forgiven him. To date there are no convictions for either the principals or the perpetrators of the Esposito Ferraioli murder. Forty years after the murder, his presence still lingers on the streets of the city. A light, impalpable presence. In the present, the trade unionist chef relives his story, through the stages of an ideal day that reconstructs his life. It is not a return. It is a permanence.