Art. 1 – Introduction

The Twelfth Edition of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival entitled “Human Rights on its Knees – Pandemic, Sovranism and New Discriminations” will take place in November 2020 in the urban area of the City of Naples.  This  edition  will  be  conditioned  by  the  security  measures  and  by  the  limitations imposed by the pandemic due to the spread of the Covid 19 virus and therefore the organization of   the   Festival   apologizes  from the start  to   the   authors   and   guests   of   the   event   for   the inconveniences that may result from the screening of films and the organization of the days as a consequence of this exceptional situation.

The Festival is organized by its Executive Board composed of experts and members of associations which  have  supported  the  event  since  its  foundation  in  2008, in first place the  Cultural  Association “Cinema e Diritti”, which founded and coordinates the Festival and its promotion.

Art. 2 – Objectives and sections of the competition

This  call  for  competition  is aimed  at  authors of audiovisual  works who  wish  to  compete for  the prizes and outlines the categories that are part of the Competition.

A  commission appointed  by  the  Festival  Board  will make  the  official  selection,  choosing  the works that will be screened and submitted to the Juries who will establish the winners for each category and the special mentions to be assigned.

The  admitted  works, documentary,  fiction  and  animation,  will  describe  aspects  of  the current reality, with a particular look at the social / cultural / economic / environmental issues that globalization   and  the   crisis   of   traditional  development  models affecting the world community and also all the possible solutions, good practices and forms of resistance to civil degradation that communities, associations and citizens experience daily.

Particularly welcome are works which recount  real  cases  of  denunciation  or  human resistance,   single   or   collective,   that   oppose   threats,   abuses,   violence,   dictatorships   and aggressions against people belonging to ethnic or cultural minorities or weak social groups.

In addition, we will host a section dedicated to the “narrative of migration”, with a specific focus on  the  second  generations. The  media  representation  of  immigration  is often  linked  to  criminal phenomena,  making  the  presence  of  people  with  other  origins  perceived  as  a  threat,  if  not physical, at least “cultural”. The consequences of this in terms of the recognition and enjoyment of rights have often been significant and negative, i.e. the question of the right to citizenship (ius soli or  ius  culturae).  These issues  deserve  specific  attention  and  our  competition  intends  to  give  an exclusive  space  in  the  framework  of  a  specific  European  project  called  CIAK  MigrACTION.  The Naples  Human  Rights  Film  Festival,  in  synergy  with  “Dedalus”  Social  Cooperative  of  Naples  will select works and award a “CIAK MigrACTION” prize.

The XII Human Rights Cinema Festival of Naples is divided into four competition sections:

A) HUMAN RIGHTS DOC, open to works lasting more than 52 minutes

B) HUMAN RIGHTS SHORT, open to short films of less than or equal to 52 minutes

C) HUMAN RIGHTS YOUTH, open to works created by authors under 25 years of age or addressed to an audience of children and/or young people up to 25 years of age, lasting no more than 25 minutes.

D) CIAK MigrACTION,  open  to  works  created  by  young  migrant  authors  and  to  works  that contribute  to  a  positive  and  real  narrative  of  migrations,  second  generations  and  conditions  of inclusion in the social context of European countries.

Art. 3 – Registration for the competition

Registration   for   the   call   involves   explicit   acceptance   of   these   regulations   and   takes   place EXCLUSIVELY through the FILMFREEWAY.COM platform. Registrations by mail or other means of delivery will not be accepted. The registration of each film requires the payment of a symbolic fee of  USD  10  (TEN).  When  registering  the  film,  the  following  files  must  be  uploaded  to  the FILMFREEWAY platform:

a) full movie with subtitles in Italian or English;

b) declaration/release form  downloaded  from  the  website  cinenapolidiritti.it  and  duly signed;

c) trailer of the work (lasting a maximum of 1 min.);

d) complete technical  data  sheet,  synopsis,  with  directors’  notes  and  appropriate  information documentation;

e) curriculum vitae and filmography of the author;

f) a photo of the author and two photos of the work, in jpg or png format at high resolution;

g) regulation of   the   competition   announcement   signed   by   the   author   and/or   the   person responsible  for  the  application  must  be  sent  to  the  email  competition@cinenapolidiritti.it  with explicit reference to the progressive registration number provided at the time of entry of the work on the FILMFREEWAY platform;

h) secure references  for postal,  e-mail  and  telephone  contacts of  the  author  and/or  the  person responsible for the application.

Authors and/or Producers, in a declaration / release from the Festival, available on the website www.cinenapolidiritti.it, to be signed and sent in pdf or jpeg format, assume full responsibility for the content of their works and declare to have completed all formalities relating to the property rights  of  the  work  and  to  have  fulfilled  any  obligation  towards  third  parties  deriving   from copyright. The declaration/release must be sent to the email competition@cinenapolidiritti.it with explicit reference to the progressive registration number provided at the time of the entry of the work on the FILMFREEWAY platform.

All documentation must be produced in Italian or English.

(For info e-mail: competition@cinenapolidiritti.it)

Art. 4 – Terms, conditions of the competition and selection phase

The  works  duly  delivered  WITHIN  AND  NOT  LATER  THAN  30  AUGUST  2020,  produced  from  1 November 2018, which deal with aspects related to the topics indicated in the framework of art. 2 “Objectives  and  sections  of  the  competition”,  will  be  admitted  to  the  selection  for  the  four sections of the competition.

The  documentaries  and  short  films  will  be  viewed  and  selected  by  a  commission  composed  of experts indicated by the Board that is responsible for the realization of the Festival. The selected works of the XII Human Rights Film Festival of Naples will be programmed and projected online, with appropriate advertising and promotion, subject to communication to the authors.

Each  author  can  submit  more   works but can then participate  in the  competition  with  only one work selected for each section of the competition, at the discretion of the Selection Commission.

Works  produced  or  sponsored  by  commercial  companies  that  are,  by  content,  an  advertising vehicle cannot participate.

The results of the selection will be communicated by e-mail to the candidates and published on the website http://cinenapolidiritti.it/web by 12 October 2020. If no work has exceeded the minimum   requirements   for   admission,   the   organization   reserves   the   right   to   cancel   the competition section(s) from the Festival program.

The  authors  of  the  selected  works  will  be  contacted  in  time  to  send  the  film  in  the  necessary format for the screening.

The authors of the selected works must provide (if not already present) the Italian subtitles of the films by November 3, 2020, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

The  Executive  Board  of  the  Human  Rights  Film  Festival  of  Naples  undertakes,  upon  obtaining  a release  free  of  charge  from  the  authors,  to  disseminate  the  selected  works  in  the  specialized cinema circuits for the promotion of Human Rights.

Art. 5 – Competition results and prizes

The works admitted to the official selection of the XII edition of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival will be definitively evaluated by a Jury of Experts composed of a maximum of 5 members chosen among directors, journalists, cinema experts and personalities from the world of culture and  Human  Rights.  The  selection  of  the  Jury  members  will  be  made  public  through  various communication channels (press, internet media, radio …).

The Jury will award a prize to the competition sections HUMAN RIGHTS DOC, HUMAN RIGHTS SHORT and HUMAN RIGHTS YOUTH to the works that will be considered the winners.

For  the  CIAK  MigrACTION  section,  a  jury  composed  of  representatives  of  “Dedalus”  Social Cooperative and members of the Board of the Human Rights Film Festival of Naples will award a special prize to the film which will be deemed most deserving for having interpreted the most authentic sense of the narrative of migrations and the value of the youth migration component in European society.

The  Internal  Selection  Committee  will  assign  a  Special  Mention  named  in  memory  of  Vittorio Arrigoni and Juliano Mer Khamis to the work that, with courage, passion and independence, will bring  to  light  marginal  situations  and  marginal  stories  capable  of  outlining  unusual experiences in the struggle  for  a  modern  civil  activism,  also  through  the  use  of  communication  methods  and experimental forms of language.

In collaboration with the Festival partners (universities, schools, associations, organizations, etc.), a Jury  will  be  formed  with  the  task of  assigning a  Special  Mention  (“Platea Diffusa“) to  a  work among those in competition in the Human Rights Doc and Human Rights Short sections.

A Youth Jury will be established with the task of assigning a Special Mention to one of the films competing in the Human Rights Youth section.

Finally,  an  internal  selection  committee  will  assign  a  Special  Mention  (“Human Rights on its  Knees”)  to  the work that best recounts the compression of Fundamental Rights in the period of the pandemic crisis linked to the spread of the virus Covid 19.

The  winning  films  of  the  sections  “Human  Rights  Doc”,  “Human  Rights  Short”  and  “CIAK MigrACTION”  will  be  awarded the opportunity to participate,  even  out  of  competition,  in  one  of  the Festivals linked to the Naples Human Rights Film Festival and  a cash prize of 500 euros, in order  to  contribute  to  the  diffusion  of  the  works  in  some  of  the  most  notable  contexts  of Human Rights Cinema.

The winning films  and  films which receive  a  Special  Mention  Arrigoni  Mer-Khamis,  the mention  of  the  Popular  Jury or  the  Special  Mention  of  the  Young  Jury  will  be  offered  the promotion  within  the  framework  of  the  Human  Rights  Film  Network  and  the  Network  of  the Suspended  Coffee  Festival  after  presentation  by  the  authors  of  suitable  copies  with  subtitles  in English or Italian, as well as in the cinema and activism circuits of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival.

Art. 6 – Screenings out of competition

The  commission  of  experts  will  be  able  to  identify  works  to  be  screened  out  of  competition  in particular  contexts  such  as  prisons,  schools,  universities  and  other  cultural  aggregation  centers during the XII edition of the Naples Human Rights Film Festival,  in the context  of special events aimed at training the public and to promote and disseminate the cinematographic and audiovisual culture on human rights.

Art. 7 – Clauses

The authors and producers implicitly authorize, upon registration, the use and dissemination of 90 seconds  of  their  work  for  the  promotion  of  the  Festival.  Admission  to  the  Festival  implies  the transfer,  without  a  counterpart,  of  the  reproduction  rights  of  photography  or  extracts  from  the film for a maximum duration of 3 minutes, intended for the promotion of the Festival through the press, television and the Web.

By registering for the  Human  Rights Cinema Festival  in Naples,  every single  author,  producer  or distributor  will  be  responsible  for  the  content  of  the  submitted  works,  declaring that  they have fulfilled all copyrights to third parties and will grant explicit authorization to use them.

The  subscriber  is  responsible  for  the  truthfulness  of  the  data  contained  which,  in  the  event  of selection,  will  be  used  in  the  Festival’s  promotional  and  communication  materials  (catalogue, website, press releases, etc.)

This  regulation signed by us and  uploaded,  together  with  the  required  attachments,  on  the


In case of disputes, the Court of Naples will have jurisdiction.

Personal  data  will  be  processed  according  to  the  provisions  of  law  12/31/1996  No.  675  and subsequent amendments and additions.

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