“Un Ponte Per” Award

FIRST CLASS CITIZEN by Diana Maria Olsson
Sweden, 57′
After first-hand experiences of domestic violence, the journalistic intuition of Diana, director of the film, kicked in, and she began to secretly record her husband’s abuse towards her and their small son. These recordings resulted in a collection of explosive film footage. The judicial process transforms her intimate story from a personal struggle into a geopolitical thriller. The film deals with systematically removed children, structural violence, and the violation of fundamental human rights.

NO NEWS by Lennart Hüper
Germany, 1h21′
How is it like to be forced to wait while people are drowning just a few miles away? An insight into the absurdity of European migration policy. The crew of the non-governmental sea rescue vessel “Lifeline” has been stuck in Malta for several weeks now. After the rescue of over 450 refugees from distress at sea, Captain Claus- Peter Reisch must now stand trial and the ship remains confiscated for its duration. Hopes for a speedy trial are dwindling more and more.

Spain, 1h06′
Spanish comedian Pepe Viyuela guides us on a journey where past and present merge as one: a time and circumstances shared by the victims of every armed conflict.
“Un viaje hacia nosotros” (“A journey towards ourselves”) narrates a journey that begins with the family memory of actor Pepe Viyuela, as he undertakes an investigation following the trail of his grandfather Gervasio, a member of the Republican army during the Spanish Civil War. A journey that leads him to his past, and a new perspective from which to reassess his relationship with the present.