Human Rights Short

DIPENDE TUTTO DA TE by Daniele Ceccarini
Italy, 15′
A young man who lives alone with his son suddenly loses his job and is forced to transform his life by reinventing himself as a rider for a food delivery multinational. A short that denounces the dramatic situation of work in this society.

EN CAMINO by Isabella Cortese, Federico Fenucci , Giuditta Vettese
Italy, 30′
A trip from Mexico City to Mérida. Through their experiences and emotions of many women and activists we face a fundamental question: What does it mean to be a woman in Mexico? Economic exploitation, trafficking in person, poor protection of institutions, inequality regarding economic, educational, sexual and reproductive rights.

South Korea, 25′
A transgender dancer, Shin-mi, receives a call from the Military Personnel Administration to take the military service exam.

GOOD GIRL by Raheleh KaramiIran
Iran, 13′
My daughter is a good girl, don’t punish her.

LEO by Moein Rooholamini
Iran, 5′
Reality bursts into fantasy.

LIBIDO by Saeed Dashti
Iran, 15′
Some teenagers smoke in a secluded place every day after school, but one day ...

MEMORY MINKA by Luis Cintora
Peru, 5′
A song for the Peruvian disappeared in the La Hoyada area of ​​Ayacucho, where hundreds of civilians were extrajudicially executed, incinerated or buried in clandestine graves by members of the Peruvian army during the 1980s.

MILA by Cinzia Angelini
USA, 20′
Mila is a war story that takes a child’s perspective. Though she has lost everything – her family, her home, her peace – Mila still clings to hope. With a little more imagination and humanity, she manages to have a profound impact on others, including a caring stranger who saves her.

MOUSIE by David Bartlett
Great Britain, 17′
Berlin 1936. Hitler’s Germany will soon host the Olympics and the streets are “cleared” of Jews and Roma. Hèléne, a seven-year-old Roma girl, hides in an old and decadent Weimar club protected by the dancer Katharina who plans to take her to America.

NHS BORDERLANDS di May Robson, Lily Wakeley, Agnes Woolley
Great Britain, 20′
Fleeing persecution in Zimbabwe, Angela seeks asylum in the UK, where she has lived with her husband for 20 years. Following a vital hysterectomy operation, Angela is – without warning – billed for £ 8,000 by the NHS, putting her life in the UK in danger forever. Health workers and activists fight alongside Angela to keep borders out of hospitals.

SELENA by Guillermo Barrionuevo
Switzerland, 14′
Selena, a young tourist, gets into a taxi to go back to her hotel; but it will never make it. Ana Rieder, a crime reporter, will defend her from justice, publishing what happened that night, which only Selena knows. Ana faces the article of her life and Selena’s life depends on her.

SMILE OF THE MASKS by Abbas ghazali
Iran, 6′
Now I can be like the others.

TALKING DREAMS by Bruno Rocchi
Senegal, 35′
In a West African village where dreams play a fundamental role, the hosts of the local radio interpret the dream images of their listeners. Here we speak the language of dreams.

Italy, 42
From Florence to northern Syria, in Rojava and then back to Florence, passing through the battle of Afrin and the last days of the military campaign against ISIS and with the looming threat of Erdogan’s Turkey: this is the story of Lorenzo Orsetti (“Bear”), a boy from Florence who went to Rojava in northern Syria at the end of 2017 to support the revolution of the peoples of Rojava and join the war against ISIS.

THE SNAIL by Mohammad Torivarian
Iran, 11′
Three young Iranian boys try to cross the border between Iran and Turkey together with a smuggler. Halfway there, she suddenly realizes that one of the passengers is a hermaphrodite.