Sezione Saamiya Yusuf Omar

CLEATS by Abdullah Şahin
Turkey, 10′
Ilyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Emir, the refugee completes the gang. A beautiful story of friendship in the drama of a little refugee.

LET THEM DROWN by Wojciech Bojanowski
Polonia, 1h12′
The “central route” in the southern Mediterranean, the route that migrants travel to get from Libya to the European coasts, told from the perspective of the ship of the “Seawatch” organization. Journalist Wojciech Bojanowski participates in the rescue operation of some families and meets them a year later, in different corners of Europe, to hear their ideas on the better world for which they risked their lives. The camera accompanies the Sea-Watch3 crew on one of the last missions before Captain Carola Rackette is arrested and the ship is stranded in an Italian port. To save Maimouna, 9, her mother, 3 months pregnant, and several dozen others, the crew sets out when all other NGO ships are blocked by the Italian and Maltese authorities.

URBI ET GHORBA by Mario D’Acunto
Italy, 29′
Urbi et ghorba is a documentary, indeed a radio documentary, where the voices of some Moroccan harragas in Turin are intertwined with the frequencies of a radio broadcast. The theme is al ghorba, a concept of Arabic language that through the stories of the characters outlines its various meanings: from the conditions of migration to those of life in Europe, never forgetting the contradictions of the choices of individuals and of Italian and European policies.