Iara Lee

Iara Lee

Iara Lee, director and founder of the network ‘Cultures of Resistance’, Human Rights’ activist, will join the Human Rights Film Festival in Naples to show her two latest films: “Life is waiting”, on Western Sahara, and “K2, the invisible footmen”, a tribute to the work of the Pakistani sherpas. Two profiles of forgotten peoples, two stories of courage and ordinary struggle.
Iara Lee’s cinema focuses on those stories to make us aware of the the boldness of those peoples, often and unjustifiedly out of the interests of the world’s media; they are fighting for survival in unfavorable environmental conditions, sometimes blemished by stereotypes.
The history of the Saharawi people is long and complex, marked by invasion and oppression (by Spain and Morocco). Saharawi people is suffering also for the exploitation of their resources. The film emphasizes the choice of the Saharawi people to fight against those who invaded and plundered their territory without weapons, as an example of a civilization.
Iara Lee will also witness the tensed situation afflicting the Mediterranean area; she will tell the story of her experiences with the Freedom Flotilla and of solidarity with Palestine. She will explain how her network, Cultures of Resistance, has been inspired by a film and she will talk about her ongoing research worldwide for collaboration on her project..
The attendance of Iara Lee to our Festival will be important for all of us, trusting the value and power of the Human Rights Films, to understand how images and stories of resistance are giving us hope to transform our world into a better one. This is the deepest meaning of HR cinema.

Iara Lee will join the Festival on Friday 13 November, at 17, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (PAN), Via dei Mille, 40 for a round-table on the Mediterranean, and, later, at 20, Theatre of the Accademia di Belle Arti, via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 107, for the screening of her two films.

K2 Invisible Footmen

Life is Waiting

(Picture of Courtesy of Kerry a Sellers)