“Italy 1853” – Veduta d’Italia

The ‘Mediterranean Day’ is the umbrella-title of a series of events that will take place on 13 November, during the 8th edition of the Human Rights Film Festival in Naples, devoted to the Mediterranean. We focus the attention on this area for many different reasons: the Mediterranean is the natural (socio-cultural and geo-political) frame for the present-day work for positive peace and human rights; the rage of too many wars is shaking and shocking now its basin, from the Western Balkans to the Middle East; and for the ancient and historical tradition of mix and exchanges, contamination and ibridation, which founded and established, in its actual profile, our cultures and, even, our identities. In such a dramatic and mutable era like the present one, when thousands and thousands of people are obliged, by poverty and by war, to flee in search for freedom and safeness across our sea, the Mediterranean is, in the same time, focus and mirror of our hope for a future of positive peace and human dignity.