The Festival 2015 closes the curtain listening to some emblematic sentences said by Roberto Rossellini in a old interview led by Ugo Gregoretti commented by his son Renzo. It ‘s the most authentic way that Festival can give a tribute to these two men who have made Italian cinema big and famous, building a new way to carry out movies, focusing it on the story of humanity and on the cultural values that cinematography can promote, also with a skilled use of technology. Renzo Rossellini was assistant to his father from 1959 to 1970 and then director of fiction and documentaries, Il mondo sulle spiagge (1962), The Iron Age (1964), Man’s struggle for survival (1970) , The World Population (1974). In 1975 he founded Radio Città Futura, a leading Italian free radio still collaborating with his father in the most important roles for its television works until 1977, then Renzo founded and remained as President of Gaumont Italy. During this period he produces and distributes more than 100 films, from “Prova d’orchestra” (1978) by Federico Fellini to “La città delle donne” and the even more challenging “E la nave va” (1983). Rossellini also founded a film school and Associated Artists; today is the president of several associations, including the prestigious “Roberto Rossellini Foundation”. In 2013 he told his story in the documentary “Cinema Anno Zero” directed by Michele Dioma, a work in which Renzo Rossellini remind the main events of his film career but also denounces all the bad things of contemporary cinema. It seems a way to be still close to his loved world without giving up his own critical opinion.

Renzo Rossellini will be interviewed by Valentina Ripa and Maurizio Del Bufalo at the Theatre of the Accademia di Belle Arti, on Saturday, November 14th at 6:00 p.m. as part of the closing event of the VIII International Film Festival on Human Rights of Naples.