• MY FATHER’S LAND (Trinidad and Tobago, 2014, 62 min) by Miquel Galofre
Papa Jah, a humble gardener, has lived in the Bahamas for 40 years. He returns to Haiti to see his 103 years old father and reunite with the land he left.

• 23 30 A CAPTIVE STORY (SPA, 2014, 70 min) by Sergio Garcia Locatelli
The stories of Mourtada, Samuel and Peggy bring to light the dark and troubling world of detention centres for undocumented immigrants who have not committed a (serious) crime. With in-depth analysis from experts with diverse backgrounds, politics, and perspectives, we learn about the significant human cost of the immigration enforcement system.

Short movies

• THE CHICKEN (Germania, 2014, 15 min) by Francois Morisset
As a present for her 6th birthday, Selma gets a live chicken. When she realises the animal is going to be killed to feed the family, she decides to save it and set it free, unaware of the high stakes such action will lead to. While trying to bring back the missing chicken, Selma’s mum becomes the target of a sniper shoot. It’s Sarajevo, year running 1993.

• SELFIE (Iran, 2015, 1,54 min) by Ali Erfan Farhadi

• DOGWOOD (Turchia, 2015, 6,02 min) by Hasan Gunduz
In 1980, the Armed Forces had staged a coup d’état in Turkey. In those tough times filled with dark memories when 230,000 people were tried in courts and hundreds of people lost their lives, the society was divided into two, the left and the right…


• BATH PEOPLE (ITA, 2014, 60 min) by Luigi Pepe
A small red-brick building stands out with a big neon light: bagni (baths). This is the last public bath in the city where everybody can take a shower. It’s a microcosm of people’s stories told during one of the most intimate moment of their routine: the personal hygiene.
It’s a meeting place for people coming from very different social environment who, however, have the same needs. It’s a conflict place, where poverty takes the features of violence and anger, because of shame and racism. It’s an integration place because, where poverty dwells, sharing, altruism are values for a rebirth.

• NO PASARAN – A story of men and women who fought against Fascism (Germania, 2015, 73 min) by Daniel Burkholz
“What did you fight for?“ This question makes the 96 years old Austrian Gerhard Hoffmann, a former member of the Internationale Brigades and the French Résistance, who had been fighting against Fascism, very thoughtful: “How can I tell you this in a few words?” NO PASARAN goes out in search of answers on a journey across Europe to meet the last contemporary witnesses of these events. In the focus of this multinational documentary film are the life paths and fates of Vincent Almudever and his brother Joseph Almudever (meanwhile living in France), Rosario Sanchez Mora (Spain), Herman Scheerboom (Netherlands), Giovanni Pesce and his wife Onorina Brambilla Pesce (Italy), Kurt Goldstein (Germany) and Gerhard Hoffmann (Austria). When they were volunteering to join the fight, they all were teenagers. But nobody of them expected a 10 years´ odyssey over the battlefields of Europe and through the fascist concentration or extermination camps until the return back home. “No doubt, this film will catch the interest of the democratic and freedom loving world.” Vincent Almudever, Resistance fighter in the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War.

Short movies

• ELMANDO (Romania, 2014, 3,23 min) by Anton Octavian
Elmando is the story of a young Congolese child, born near the forest of Kivu. His peaceful life takes a tragic turn when his village is attacked and his mother is kidnapped. Inspired by true events, young Elmando is on an epic journey through a perilous yet beautiful Africa in search of her.

• LA SMORFIA (ITA, 2015, 16,30 min) by Emanuele Palamara

• RELIGATIO (Canada, 2014, 3,22 min) by Jaime Giraldo
Beings who exist in a world by hanging from ropes are all engaged in a struggle to avoid falling into the void below.

NOV 11th AT ACADEMY THEATER, 8.00 p.m.
NOV 12th AT SLASH ART/MSC, 4.30 p.m.

• UN GIORNO A WAMBA (ITA, 2014, 70 min) by Francesco Mansutti
Wamba is a village lost in the immense African rainforest in the NE of Democratic Republic of Congo. Euphrasie and Ignace, two adolescents, live here, well beyond the borders of globalisation. The film recounts a day in their lives, from dawn to dusk. A time marked by an impossible “normality”.

 FISHERMEN’S CONVERSATION (UK, 2014, 68 min) by Bove Makiedo
Fishermen’s Conversations is a study of a Mediterranean island, a young woman’s ode to her Grandfather and a portrait of a group of men struggling to maintain their fishing livelihood in a rapidly changing landscape. Taking its title from the epic poem by the island’s great poet, Petar Hektorović, the film uses minimal dialogue and narration in a partly fly-on-the-wall documentary that laments the depredations of tourism in Croatia and the greed that invites it. At the same time, the film celebrates the conservation of a way of life that helps preserve the identity of the island. Through journeys with fishermen as they take to the seas to make their living, ‘Fishermen’s Conversations’ encourages the viewer to agree that not all is lost if we can only allow time to stand still once in a while.

Short movies

• THE LIVES OF OTHERS (Iran, 2015, 1,40 min) by Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
A young girl who has no hope to continue living is faced with new circumstances.

 ELECTRIC CHAIR (Messico, 2015, 2,20 min) by David Munoz Velasco
A man is executed on the electric chair, nevertheless, the reason behind his execution is more terrifying than his death.

• LAYLA (Egitto, 2015, 15 min) by Houzan Abdo
A story hapnning in unknown time and place , Layla starting her day with normal activities like : eating , cleaning and waiting her husband for every day as a loyalty wife, Time passes and Layla recived so many letters from her husband At war who telling her that he will coming back so soon , more months come and nothing happen except her waiting and loyltiy for her husband until he come home after she stoped counting the years where lalya was upset for his coming after all these years.

NOV 12th AT ACADEMY THEATER, 8.00 p.m.
NOV 13th AT SLASH ART/MSC, 4.30 p.m.

• IL FUTURO È TROPPO GRANDE (ITA, 2014, 80 min) by Michele Citoni
A double portrait, and two vivid self-narrations as well, of Re and Zhanxing, two second-generation youths in present day Italy, about study and work, family and love, expectations and fears. Re was born in Italy in a Filipino family. He lives in Rome with his parents and sister, is engaged, attends university, works, and one day hopes to be accomplished in the arts. Zhanxing was born in China and at the age of ten has reached her parents who had moved to Italy. She is a graduate, lives alone, is looking for a clear definition of herself and will try to find it by traveling towards her own origins. They are young, and becoming adults imagining a future that coincides with their dreams. The amateur images shot by the two protagonists intertwine with the ones of the authors, providing the spectator with a composite and original narrative.

Short movies

• IF SHEEP WERE PINK (Serbia, 2015, 29,14 min) by Djurdjija Radivojevic
Marco is the only child in the village. His childhood is lonely, bored and focused on adults. That changes when he meets Lacho, Biber and Shotka, who came to help him in the fight for children’s rights. Marco experiences adventure and the true joy of growing up.

 WELCOME (Spain, 2014, 27,39 min) by Javier Fesser
An amazing innovation reaches a tiny school lost in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community: the internet. It brings the world to their doorstep, but even more importantly, it offers the world the chance to finally discover what’s happening in the remote village of Ingatambo.

• CANILE (Italia, 2014, 16, 20 min) by Massimiliano d’Agostino