The Ninth Edition of the Human Rights Film Festival of Naples, titled “SEAS, WALLS and BARBED WIRES” will take place from November 6th to November 11th.

The authors of audiovisual works, interested in entering the competition for the prizes in the two categories of short films and feature films, are invited to learn about the attached competition notice and to download the release clause, to be filled in, signed and sent to the Festival Organisation Committee.

The presented works must meet the criteria stated in the notice and must have been produced not before than January 1, 2015.

The deadline for the submission of the works is September 15th, 2017.

The IX Edition for the first time allows the submission also of both animation works and audiovisual works in VR360 format.

Thank you for your interest and affiliations.

Info: competition@cinenapolidiritti.it


The Human Rights Film Festival of Naples Organisation Committee

FCDU-Competition Notice 2017 [ENG] (211 downloads)

FCDU-Release Clause [ENG] (495 downloads)